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What is password/passphrase/PIN code and what they are used for?


Password, passphrase and PIN are not the same thing since they are used for different purposes.

Password is used for logging into account, whereas passphrase is used for confirmation of the account ownership. A passphrase is the last option to recover your account if you've lost password and email and forgot username. PIN is used for applying changes made in your account settings.  

How long can it be? 10-64 characters 12-255 characters 5 digits
What characters can contain? A-Z, a-z (Latin letters only), 0-9, special characters ($, #, *, &, ^ etc.) A-Z, a-z (Latin letters only), 0-9, special characters ($, #, *, &, ^ etc.) 0-9 (digits only)
Who defines it? is generated by our system is not set by default, must be set by user is generated by our system
Can it be changed? can be changed anytime can be set only once cannot be changed
What it is used for? account authentication account ownership confirmation applying changes made in account settings
How it looks like? (Sample) *%^kuBgyI*t6RT S0mewh3re bey0nd the 5ea 5omewhere wa1tin' for me 62591

Password and PIN sent to your email during registration and also are shown on the first login to your account. We strongly recommend to change your password to a more complex one due to security reasons. Keep this new password in a safe place. Once you do this, delete email containing your registration data and also empty Trash section.

Never disclose your registration info to anyone. Our support officers most likely will ask you to provide your passphrase, but they will never ask about your password or PIN. Even if they will ask about your passphrase, they can do it solely via our Ticket Support Center ( or Live Chat. Do not respond to any emails asking to provide your password/passphrase/PIN even if the mail sender is stated to be It is against our privacy policy and company regulation to request such information via unreliable means of communication like email. You can be sure that person asking to share your account information is a malefactor.

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