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XP Progress and Rank System


What is XP?

XP stands for eXperience Points. They are credited for certain actions performed by user. XP increase the range of available options for your account functionality. XP indicates your account status, expresses your activity and overall progress within our platform. 


What provides an increment of XP?

- You get a higher user rank (see the table below)

- You are allowed to make deposits to limited and more advantageous investment plans

- You receive higher referral commissions

- Higher XP amount makes your vote more significant in public polls at our platform

- Large XP amount increases your position in member rankings

- By reaching certain XP mark you can receive tokens for free

- Your account functionality extends

- You are allowed to receive coupons for bonus deposits

- Additional account privileges will become available upon its implementing


How to obtain XP?

- Certain amount of XP is given upon user registration. Currently newly registered users are given 100XP for free.

- For deposits made directly from payment processor or from previously refilled account balance users are credited with certain amount of XP at rate 1USD = 1XP.

For deposits made in EUR or cryptocurrency units the amount of XP is calculated on the basis of your deposit amount equivalent in USD according to current exchange rate. Suppose you made a 100 EUR deposit and the actual EUR/USD exchange rate is 1.27. Thus, the amount of XP you will get is 127.

- An upliner gets 50% of XP from amount deposited by its direct referral. Suppose your referral made a $1000 deposit, then you receive 500XP.

- You can receive additional XP for promoting our platform using social media, forums. Soon an automated system is going to be integrated.

- You can receive additional XP for writing reviews and making video reviews regarding our platform.

- You will be credited additional XP for reaching into Top-10 members list.

- Certain amount of XP can be given to a user for some other merits/achievements.


Obtain more XP and upgrade your Rank Level! 

Currently there are 105 user levels total.

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