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Investor's Guide


Once you have registered, you can start your investment activity. Here's a brief overview of things you can do with your account.


Account Settings

First of all you should modify your account settings in order to protect your profile.

Go to Settings page.

Set your secret passphrase, as it is the only real thing that is able to recover your account if it gets compromised/hacked or you lose your password and/or access to your email address.

Keep in mind, this passphrase is not your password.

Once you've done that, you can customize your account settings, upload your avatar, indicate your contact information (e.g. phone number, social media links), set your payment information, etc.



1. Go to Deposit page

2. Follow on-screen instructions:

-select investment plan

-enter deposit amount

-select payment method

3. Review deposit information on Summary page. If everything is fine, proceed to finish.

Keep in mind that you can make deposits using your external e-wallets or directly from your account balance provided you have enough funds there. Your account balance can be refilled manually or you can receive accruals from your active deposits or affiliates when they make new investments.


Affiliate Program

You can always earn more by taking part in our affiliate program. In a nutshell, it is a system that allows you to get financial rewards for promoting your referral link. To learn more, please visit our Affiliate Program guide.



Any funds available at your account balance, be it earned from investment activity or received as a referral commission, can be withdrawn at any time. See Withdrawals guide to discover how to do it properly.

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